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Seventeen Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:00
Shi qi fang kaiyuan
Seven hundred years ago, a black awning boat arrived at the Tang Road along the coast
The boat people, is in order to avoid the war, the family moved south from Xingyang of the seventeen real family ancestor Jing Hou Gong and their families
From the achievements of a large family of merchants legend. Room seventeen, Ningbo Kaiyuan, started in the Southern Song Dynasty, Sheng in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Ningbo's first commercial culture theme hotel. River, street, temple, tHe House, the old house international fan, floating painted " customs in culture, nostalgia to city people, love, love to the adults in your story, " time of inception.
Zheng's seventeen rooms, is the Zheng family has seventeen concubines? Here there are seventeen rooms? Zheng, why is called " Ningbo the first family to help "?
Room seventeen, Ningbo Kaiyuan, " Zheng " in the curtain.

Zijingang International Hotel Hangzhou traffic info

Business zone:Xixi Wetland Scenic Area
Address:Zhejiang · hangzhou · xihuqu - No. 796 Shenhua Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China