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Harmona Resort Spa Zhangjiajie profile

2019/2/16 20:55:54
Harmona Resort Spa Zhangjiajie is the Harmona Investment co. LTD.according to the national standards of five-star resort hotel a luxury villa ecological resort hotel. Harmona Resort Spa Zhangjiajie covers an area of 560 mu, the blue line control land 245 mu, a building area of 47000 m squared, hotel first phase investment of about 350 million yuan, is the city or county key construction projects. Harmona Resort Spa Zhangjiajie a total of 246 rooms, is located in the beautiful scenery of zhangjiajie in three officer temple floor. Harmona Resort Spa Zhangjiajie overall design to the essence of Chinese traditional culture, the "five lines of" gold, wood, water, fire and earth beginning and main source point for design.

Zijingang International Hotel Hangzhou traffic info

Business zone:Xixi Wetland Scenic Area
Address:Zhejiang · hangzhou · xihuqu - No. 796 Shenhua Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China